Alert Technologies Corporation is a software company located in the Silicon Valley that solves information management challenges for emergency management organizations. Founded in 1996, Alert develops and markets the OpsCenter Emergency Management software suite.


OpsCenter is a unique solution to solve a unique problem. Managing emergencies has distinct challenges due to their unexpected nature, time sensitivity, and cross discipline impact. The characteristics and features of the OpsCenter Software Suite address these challenges.
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Example image of the OpsCenter Emergency Management Software Suite



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Supported Platforms

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Alert Technologies provides professional services to assist our customers in solving their information management challenges. The Alert consultants are experienced with both technology and emergency management methodologies. Their mission is to ensure our customers are successful with OpsCenter and achieve the objective of exceptional information management when managing emergencies. To learn more about the Alert Technologies' professional services, select from a category below.



The assistance you need to ensure OpsCenter is deployed and installed properly The training you need to ensure your users are successful with the system



The resources and expertise to ensure the system properly reflects your organization's structure and processes Assistance migrating your legacy systems into OpsCenter


The technical support and product updates necessary to keep your OpsCenter system up to date


OpsCenter is very highly configurable. An authorized, non-technical user can change the terminology, structure, appearance and content of OpsCenter to meet their organization's unique requirements. Alert Technologies offers established, tested configurations of OpsCenter for many types of organizations. Some example starter configurations are listed below. You can learn more about them by selecting them or you can contact Alert Technologies to discuss one of our many other pre-established configurations.

Emergency Management

Public Health

An OpsCenter Configuration specifically designed to meet the public sector Emergency Management needs An OpsCenter Configuration specifically designed to meet the public sector Public Health needs

Business Continuity

An OpsCenter Configuration specifically designed to meet the corporate sector Business Continuity needs